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Faith in One God with no partner and mediator

The world and its order imply the point that the creator of it is wise and able; therefore, we live in a world intertwined with purpose and intelligence, where God sees our actions and will judge our action on the Resurrection Day. God approves of goodness (moral values) and disapproves of bad deeds (moral vices) and God supports Human beings throughout their life. Faith in such a God, upon whom men rely and who directs men to grow with regard to moral values, gives tranquility to humans. Tranquility is the human’s most important need and desire.  Communication with God lacks any mediators such as humans and non-humans (namely Prophets,Imams,clergies, and objects), are all creatures and needy and they cannot meet our prayers and demands. The clergies have always made partners and mediators for God in line with their personal benefits. True faith means believing in only One God with no partner and mediator and acting upon the moral values to become good humans.

Faith in God is a fact and a necessity.

O’ believers of God! Join to the true Message of God, the joint message of all Messengers(Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad):

Belief in One God with no partner and mediator and acting upon the moral values to become good humans.

Faith+Moral Values= Good Human

Practicing moral valuse

Practicing moral values makes individuals and societies grow and develop. In a moral society, individuals feel higher levels of security and tranquility. Accordingly, mankind upbringing must give powerful will to human to practice moral values. Faith is a powerful stimuli for practicing moral values. Human problems mostly come from a lack of moral upbringing. In other words, many human problems would be removed by upbringing good individuals based on moral values.

Faith+Moral Values=Good Human

Practicing moral values must be based on the love of God, not on the fear of God.

Attempts to keep the body and spirit healthy.

Human is a bi-dimensional being: material and spiritual. A good human cares for the two dimensions and tries to keep his body and spirit healthy by relying on faith and science.

Lack of attention to two human dimensions causes illness of anxiety and depression.

Struggle against superstitions, religious radicalism, and clergies abuse of religion

A- Faith in God aims to upbringing good human beings based on moral values.

B- Faith is a matter between man and God, hence, the clergies, individuals, groups, and governments are not allowed to interfere in this matter.

C- There is no mediator between human and God; thus, God has not appointed representatives such as clergies (namely mufti, ayatollah, sheikh,priest and rabbin) as an outstanding class to dominate the public affairs.

D- There is no infallible but God.

E- There is no savior to emerge in the future and saves mankind; thus, the man himself must make efforts to recover his spiritual-material conditions.

F-The selection of government is a human affair, not a divine affair; it is not celestial, but an earthly affair. Accordingly, God never appointed any person or groupe to govern people. People should elect the government by balloting and with no mediation.

G- The division of a country, society, and government based on religions and denominators takes a peaceful life away from society and poses the country serious threats.

H- The clergies divided the single religion of God into religions, and religions into branches, leading to conflicts among the followers of religions and branches.Any conflict between the followers of religions and their branches due to lack of correct knowledge of faith , must be avoided.

K- A man should not metamorphose under the influence of any factor and forget himself. Even faith in God should not  metamorphose man and forget himself.

Reconciliation with nature and its preservation

Man has become away from his human temperament by keeping off from nature. Return to life, and natural nutrition strengthens human temperament and largely affects his health and tranquility. Preservation, cleaning, and the expansion of nature should be seriously considered with regard to the significance of nature and its positive effect on human beings.

Life and Natural nutrition result in a healthy body and spirit.

Respect and Family Support

Family is the main and most important unit of society, whose support promotes the growth of family members and society. The relationship between a father, mother and children should be based on kindness, understanding and mutual respect. Loyalty, non-infidelity, understanding and mutual respect play an important role in the sustainability of the family. All family members must make serious attempts to support  the family.

Supporting and maintaining the family promotes the growth of individuals and society.

Science Expansion

Science contributes to the provision of welfare and health and awareness. Accordingly, an attempt should be made to develop science, and the expenditures of producing of weapons and warfare should be used to promote scientific research and to allocate salaries and suitable facilities to professors, researchers, and students.

The costs of producing weapons and wars must be allocated to the development of science.

Attempts to promote freedom and human rights

Serious attempts should be made to observe freedom and human rights. Human rights are not selective and include all human beings.Human rights are not included within the limits of belief, race, religion,border and gender. Despotic regimes and racial tendencies are two major factors leading to the violation of  freedom and human rights.We Shall be diligent to expand human rights and freedom by public education concerning human rights and consistent Struggles against despotic regimes and racial tendencies.

Attempts to expand global peace and security

War has no outcome but carnage and destruction. In human history, millions of innocent humans are victims because of wars; however, they play no role in the initiation and continuation of the wars. Disputes must be resolved peacefully by the international community with no need for war and carnage. All people are obligated to prevent war actively.

Men select war when they reach their utmost stupidity.

The best way to expand global peace and security is not to participate in the war.

The Right of self-determination

Based on the freedom of the human and his right to determine his own destiny, all human beings, individually and collectively, must have the right of self-determination. Dictatorship, racist tendencies, religious motives, territorial integrity, occupation and colonialism are not allowed to deprive human beings from this right.

Struggles against racism and discrimination

One of the undesired features, which has imposed lots of deprivations and losses of lives, is racism and discrimination. This phenomenon of ignorance, prejudice, and resentment must be seriously and perennially confronted so that individuals can live in a peaceful environment, far from hatred. A man who believes his race is superior to the other races has no belief in the point that God has created all races equal.

Belief in one’s race is superior is indicative of ignorance, prejudice, and resentment.

Struggles against violence and terrorism

Attempts should be made to stop any type of anti-human and anti-animal violence at family, society and international levels.The state, religious and ideological forms of terrorism must be seriously tackled.

The most horrendous type of terrorism is state terrorism,that a state intervene in the affairs of the other countries and impose on them war, carnage and destruction.

Struggle against weapon production

Today’s man should has learnt to resolve his disputes peacefully and with regard to the mediating role of international communities. It is far from humanity and civilization to use weapons in conflicts to bring about nothing but the murder of innocent individuals and the destruction of their wealth. Accordingly, the production of any type of weaponry must be seriously and extensively stoped, and the heavy costs of armament production should be spent on housing,education , treatment, labor, and science.

Close the factories of carnage and destruction.

Population decline

One of the important problems of modern time is overpopulation, which has withdrawn welfare and tranquility from people and has seriously jeopardized the environmental conditions,so this important problem must be solved seriously and as soon as posible.Population decline cause health, treatment, housing, education, and labor available to everyone, and men gain access to more chances in terms of spiritual and material growth.

The less population there is, the more welfare and tranquility man has.

Struggle against consumerism

One of the undesired properties of the modern time is consumerism, which has abundantly damaged the human spirit and body. Consumerism is a type of disease that interrupts tranquility and stability. Energy and water consumption as well as the purchase of livelihood necessaries should be economized.

We acquire a better life and tranquility resulting of economization.

Struggle against poverty

A majority of world citizens are deprived of the economic growth because wealth is hoarded by the minority. Poverty will be eliminated with the fair distribution of wealth, labor for everyone, and population decline. It is up to all individuals to defend the deprived to achieve their inalienable rights worldwide.

The earth and its riches belong to all people.

Human beings cannot claim to be civilized as long as poverty and hunger threaten the lives of millions of humans.


The provision of basic human needs such as free housing  for the needy and free treatment,medicins and education for everyone is urgent and necessary. Human beings anywhere in the world must have this essential right.

Decreasing working hours, reducing office works, increasing production works, and supporting the retirees

A- Since man is not an instrument, his welfare and tranquility should not be threatened; therefore, working hours should be reduced from eight hours to five hours a day to give more chance to the society members to have a rest, fun, exercise, upbringing their children, and take care of their personal affairs.

B- One of the hallmarks of a critical economy today is the increase in office work and non-productive jobs that have been allocated huge costs. Emphasis must be placed on production, especially in the field of agricultural production, in order to increase national income and meet the basic needs of society. On the other hand, working in production jobs is very effective for human body and spirit health.

C- People who have worked for a long time, served the society, and become retired should enjoy the same salary before intirement and discounts in treatment costs, medicines, electricity , water, telephone, tax, and trip tickets.

A direct public vote in cultural, social, political, and economic decision-making

When parties, MPs, and governments come to power, they prefer their benefits over public benefits. In this case, the best form of exercising public sovereignty lies in direct voting (direct democracy) for cultural, social, political, and economic decisions. The government as the executive director elected by the public has a duty to fulfill the assigned responsibilities by referring to a majority of votes. The officials of a country should not have special privileges and should have salary like the majority of the people.

People need no guardian, and they should determine their cultural, social, economic, and political destiny via the direct casting of votes.

Position is not a privilege,it is a responsibility.

Respecting the independence of countries and non-intervention in their affairs

The independence of other countries must be respected and no country has the right to intervene in other countries’ affairs because of having military, economic, and political power or ideological and religious incentives. No government or nation is allowed to endanger the national interests of another country because of its national interests.

All countries must enjoy the equal and non-discriminatory rights. In this regard, the right of veto, economic blockade, military invasion, and the imposition of determination by the powerful countries on the non-powerful countries indicate the oppress rendered against nations, which in turn threaten global peace and security.


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